Memorial Progress Continues On Target


Work on the new UK Police Memorial is on target despite the current public health crisis.

Chair of the Police Arboretum Memorial Trust, Sir Hugh Orde said: “Thanks to recent generous pledges totalling £600k from two donors, work on the Memorial has commenced and is continuing apace.

“While there has been every indication from Government that construction stoppage is not being considered in the foreseeable future, we do recognise that the current COVID situation could slow income down, but may not be grave enough to slow work down.  To mitigate against potential cashflow issues in part, we have postponed further development of the Digital Memorial (which can be seen here: until the situation is clearer.

“Ground clearance at the National Memorial Arboretum is now complete and materials are on order, with a view to starting onsite construction in June. Nonetheless we have built several months flexibility into the construction schedule to allow for unforeseen events at this unprecedented time.  Supply chain issues and the availability of a full workforce are factors which need to be considered. However, all other things being equal, I remain confident that a Spring 2021 Dedication remains realistic.

Looking forward, the Trust still needs to raise a further £500k to complete the project in its entirety, including an education programme for schools and colleges that tells the vital role that the Police service plays in society, and a fund to maintain the Memorial for the Police service, for the families of those whom we have lost and for a grateful nation.  Accordingly, fundraising continues.

If you would like more information about how you can help realise the new UK Police Memorial in its entirety, please contact us at, or donate now.

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