Pay Tribute to Policing Heroes

Even in Lockdown You Can Pay Tribute to Policing Heroes

Despite the many months of lockdown and the fact that everyday activities have been curtailed, you have still been able to pay tribute and honour those from our Police service who have paid that ultimate price by visiting the digital memorial. Each day the names of officers and staff who have died in history, together with a brief citation, have been published on the UK Police Memorial website and their details have also been shared on Twitter.

This digital memorial has only been possible thanks to a unique partnership between the UK Police Memorial and the Police Roll of Honour Trust. We have been given access to their database that contains the details of over 4,200 police officers and police staff who have died on duty since the introduction of the Bow Street Runners in 1749.

Through the click of a button you can go back in time to find out details about those officers and staff who lost their lives on a particular day.

Sadly, over the last few months a number of officers and staff from our Police service have died from COVID-19. Their courage and sacrifice will be remembered not only on the physical memorial, but also on the digital memorial. We pay tribute to them and all from our emergency services who have lost their lives from this devastating disease.

Despite the uncertainty and fear that many of us have faced since mid-march, one thing you can rely upon is that when you need them most our Police service will be there, keeping us safe and protecting us from harm, even if that results in some paying the ultimate price.

You can find out more about the digital memorial by clicking here.

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